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Each December I start to gather my supplies for the upcoming and very busy seed-starting season ahead. I’ve learned over the years, it pays to start getting ready while the pace is calmer and there’s still no real pressure to get the timing right, just yet.




But, Mother Nature waits for no one so far better be ready when the time comes to sow those seeds when it counts – especially when you are sowing about 3000 tomato and pepper seeds, for an annual seedling sale each year in April.

Preparation for the Seed-Starting Season

This year is the first full year in the greenhouse, with a chance to get my gear organized and go through a dry run or two with a few flats of cool-season lettuce seeds sown to germinate and grow up all in the greenhouse.

I don’t plan on going full on with sowing all my warm season seeds in the greenhouse this February, but I will allocate a few trays that will start and finish here in the greenhouse. I have heaters to keep the nighttime temperatures reasonable, but I’m not ready to put all my chips on the table quite yet. Not this time.


Bags of soil

My new greenhouse is a great place to store bags of soil to have at the ready for seed starting this winter. (photo: Tobi McDaniel)


The rest of the 60 seeded trays will be taken into my seed starting room inside my house where the conditions are consistently warm, the grow lights are set, germination mats are in place, and the racks are cleared to receive all the incoming trays. This has been my method of seed starting for all my life, and I’ve learned to master this system quite comfortably.


seed starting trays

Gathering and organizing my supplies in December allows me to get ready for the upcoming busy season. (photo: Tobi McDaniel)


The Next Phase in Seed Starting

But I am ready for the next big phase of my seed starting journey, utilizing this fantastic space to take it all to a new and higher level. Greenhouse growing is an amazing and very effective way of starting and growing seedlings and plants. But, it’s not automatic. There’s a lot to learn, and more variables at play that can wipe your inventory out overnight!


Joe mixing soil in the greenhouse

I’ve learned over the years, it pays to start getting ready while the pace is calmer and there’s still no real pressure to get the timing right. (photo: Tobi McDaniel)


So for now, I’m taking it in stride, and learning my way through this new and amazing opportunity, eyes wide open, and as prepared as possible. I will be bringing you along for this first full season from seed to mature seedlings, and beyond. So please be sure to follow along. One thing I am sure of, there will be curve balls coming my way, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all that and more. Stay tuned!


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