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In the interest of full disclosure, let me start off by mentioning that Rain Bird® is a sponsor of The joe gardener Company. That said, their new Click-n-Go system is pretty ingenious, sponsorship or not. It’s a sort of in-ground irrigation hybrid, and it can open up a new world of options in how you water your lawn and garden.


This small unit works much like an in-ground sprinkler head and is about the same size – without the need to install underground pipes. So if you already have an in-ground system but have an area which isn’t being reached or a newly-added garden or lawn space, the Click-n-Go Hose Connect System is an easy solution to water without hauling a clunky sprinkler around.

To install the Click-n-Go, you simply dig a small hole to fit the unit, set the unit into the ground and backfill. When you are ready to water, click your garden hose into the click-and-release head, and voila, the sprinkler pops up and irrigates the area. You can watch in the video linked above how I installed a unit in an area of the GardenFarm™.

When the Click-n-Go sprinkler isn’t in use, it retracts out of site to be level with the lawn surface, so you can mow over it just like the sprinklers of any in-ground watering system. Pretty ingenious, right?

Maybe drip irrigation or soaker or emitter hoses aren’t an option for watering your vegetable beds? Well, this device may be the ideal solution for that scenario. Simply install the Click-n-Go unit into the ground where it will reach all areas of your garden bed for a thorough watering of all your plants. The Click-n-Go reaches an 80’ circle range.

As with any overhead water delivery, be sure you water early in the morning – during the dew period of 4-6:00 a.m. is best. During that time of day, you will lose less water to evaporation from heat and wind.

Wet foliage is more susceptible to disease, so early morning watering also allows the maximum time for your plants and lawn to dry off during the day to reduce the risk of issues.

I love having this new option to add to my watering arsenal of drip irrigation, soaker and emitter tubing and traditional in-ground system. Proper watering is so key to a successful garden and landscape, and this new technology can play an important new role for many of us as we all strive to be better, smarter gardeners.

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