How to Plant Seeds for Indoor Seed-Starting

| Plant, Video

Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get a jump on the growing season, save a ton of money, and grow out varieties that you normally can’t find in a nursery. In this video, I share the basics of indoor seed starting to easily and successfully sow seeds.       Seeds can be […]

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How to Know if Seeds Are Still Good

| Plant, Video

There is an easy way to tell if the seeds inside an old seed pack are still good — before going through the time and trouble of planting the seeds in the garden to find out. In this video, I’ll show you how to check seeds for viability and test their germination rate.    […]

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151-Seed Savers Exchange: Behind the Scenes

| Podcast, Resources

Last week, I spoke with Dianne Ott Whealy, the co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange, to discuss the history of that important organization. SSE is approaching its fiftieth year of operations, so there was much more to the story to be explored. For that, we continued the conversation with this week’s guest – SSE Director of […]

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125-Saving Seeds: The Basics, the Benefits and Beyond

| Grow, Podcast

Do you save seeds? These days, more and more gardeners are interested in keeping seeds from the plants in their garden, but it’s a process that can be intimidating. For this week’s episode, I invited Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and master seed saver, Bill McDorman, to share his expertise for anyone […]

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105-Gardening Questions Answered: Expert Advice from Joe Lamp’l

| Care, Podcast

Between my podcast listeners and members of my e-newsletter and social media channels, I receive a lot of gardening questions. This week, I’m highlighting questions asked by students of my new Beginning Gardener Fundamentals course. I introduced the course at the beginning of this year to teach the fundamental garden basics I’m asked all the […]

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045-Succession Planting: Practical Tips For Growing More Food

| Plant, Podcast

In this podcast, I explore succession planting techniques with my guest, Meg Cowden. Meg and her husband are well-versed in the art of succession planting. Living in southern Minnesota, on the outskirts of Minneapolis, they garden in USDA Hardiness Zone 4B. While many gardeners in a Zone 4 environment see their season as Memorial Day through […]

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032-What’s Ahead for 2018

| Podcast, Prepare

As we close out 2017, it’s time to talk about what’s ahead for the new year. With 52 new weekly episodes, we have a lot of great content planned for you. And it’s not only the podcasts. Some other enhancements are in the works as we plan for the best user experience yet for joe […]

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