298-How Nematodes and Pheromones Will Be Used in the Future of Gardening

| Podcast, Prepare

Nematodes, also known as roundworms, are the most abundant animals on earth but are largely misunderstood. In gardening and agriculture, several nematode species are known for being pests, but it’s important to recognize that many other nematode species are beneficial, providing biological control of insect pests. To explain how lab-produced pheromones can be used to […]

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178-Selecting and Caring for Houseplants, with Jane Perrone

| Care, Podcast

Houseplants bring life to our indoor environment, and caring for them can bring both joy and challenges. To answer how to pick the right houseplants for your home and how to best look after them, joining me this week is Jane Perrone, the host of “On the Ledge,” the No. 1 houseplant podcast on Apple […]

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Japanese Beetle Prevention and Control

| Care

Japanese beetle prevention and control is one of the most common challenges for gardeners each summer. Although they are one of the most visually stunning insects, with their bronze and green coloring, these invasive pests are also one of the most destructive — they damage and can sometimes even kill flowers, shrubs and trees when […]

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