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Keeping up with weeding is one of the chief complaints that gardeners have, but it’s no reason to throw in the towel. My guest Margaret Roach, the New York Times garden writer and founder of A Way to Garden, shares her advice for managing weed overwhelm using organic control methods.

Margaret is a lauded writer and podcaster. She was an executive vice president and editorial director for Martha Stewart Living before trading life in New York City for a home in the country — a 2.3-acre property in upstate New York. She is also a former garden and fashion editor for Long Island’s daily newspaper Newsday, and since 2020 has penned the “In the Garden” column for The New York Times. Her books include “The Backyard Parables,” “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” and A Way to Garden.” 


Margaret Roach shares her advice for managing Weed Overwhelm.

Margaret Roach hosts the podcast “A Way to Garden” and has a website and book of the same name. She also writes In The Garden, a gardening column for The New York Times. (photo: Erica Berger) (photo: Erica Berger)


Margaret practices a thoughtful and intentional approach to weed management to keep things under control with minimal effort. Both of us actually enjoy weeding — it’s satisfying and meditative to move from space to space and remove the herbaceous nuisances — but we understand why for others, it’s their least favorite part of gardening. We want them to know that weed overwhelm is not inevitable. 

As Margaret explains, the key to keeping up with weeding and never getting overwhelmed is to slow down, not move so fast from task to task, and take time to observe the little changes in your garden. When you are more observant, you’ll notice weeds when they’ve just sprouted and can be removed easily, rather than after they have grown and become more of a nuisance to remove.

Researching the weeds commonly found in your garden will lead you to the most effective control method. Different weeds propagate themselves in different ways, and if you understand that one weed in your garden will spread only after it goes to seed while another is already spreading by rhizomes, you can prioritize the plants to weed out the soonest and you’ll know how to remove them effectively so they won’t come back.

For a full recap of my conversation with Margaret Roach on weed overwhelm, check out the show notes from the original airing.


Weeds collected in a tub trug.

A garden full of weeds can feel overwhelming but there are steps you can take to get things under control with minimal effort.


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How do you make weeding manageable? Let us know in the comments below.

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