187-The Informed Seed Shopper: What to Know Before You Buy

| Podcast, Prepare

Before placing your order online or filling out a seed catalog order form, be sure you are making the best buying decisions. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing tips to help make you a more informed seed shopper.  Below, I explain what to do before you start, how to process the plethora of seed catalogs […]

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How to Use Coffee Grounds in Compost

| Compost, Video

Among my favorite ingredients for making compost is coffee grounds. Here, I’ll show you how to use coffee grounds in your compost and how you can source coffee grounds for free.      Compost is my not-so-secret ingredient to having great soil and a productive garden. My “recipe” for making compost includes manure and […]

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How to Save Tomato Seeds

| Grow, Video

Saving seeds from tomatoes is simpler than you think. Once you learn how to save tomato seeds, you can continue growing your favorite heirloom varieties for seasons to come. If you love eating and growing a certain variety of tomato and you wish to grow the same tomato next gardening season, check whether your tomato […]

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