How to Stay Organized in the Garden

| Prepare, Video

Getting more organized in the garden starts with having the tools that you use most often close by and easily accessible — because there’s nothing more frustrating than needing that one tool and not being able to find it. In this video, I’m sharing simple ways to get more organized in the garden.    […]

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065-Tips For Reducing Garden Overwhelm, With Margaret Roach

| Care, Podcast

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your garden – by out of control growth or disease or an abundance of crops? You aren’t alone. Nearly all of us feel garden overwhelm at some point during the growing season –  and some of us feel that way frequently through the summer months. This week, I talk […]

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046-Organizing Your Gardening Life

| Podcast, Resources

Spring – it’s what we, as gardeners, eagerly anticipate all winter long. Yet, when it arrives, it can be so overwhelming. The spring season moves quickly, and there are lots to accomplish. No matter how I try to prepare, each year comes with a renewed sense of overwhelm. So, how do you stay organized in […]

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