250-Mastering the Art of Succession Planting, with Meg Cowden

| Plant, Podcast

Succession planting is a gardening method that extends the growing season and yields a greater harvest, no matter how much or how little space you have to garden in. To discuss how to get the most out of your garden, my returning guest this week is Seed to Fork founder Meg Cowden, a succession planting […]

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220-Fall Succession Planning and Planting Tips, with Meg Cowden

| Podcast, Prepare

Our fall gardens really can get started as early as spring when we sow seeds that take many months to mature (hello Brussels sprouts), but July and August present even more opportunities to plant crops that will be ready to harvest come September, October and even later. To share her best tips for succession planning […]

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170-Succession Planting Tips, with Meg Cowden

| Plant, Podcast

What is succession planting? Succession planting is how gardeners make the most of limited space and extend their growing season beyond what’s considered typical of a region. To speak to this topic, I invited succession planting expert Meg Cowden of the blog Seed to Fork on the podcast for a previous episode, and I am […]

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