351-The Cut Flower Handbook, with Lisa Mason Ziegler

| Plant, Podcast

A cut flower garden, when planted in succession and harvested frequently, provides a continuous source of joy to hobby gardeners — and great revenue source for commercial growers. To share her advice on how to start and maintain a cut flower garden, returning to the podcast this week is flower farmer Lisa Mason Ziegler. Lisa’s […]

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274-Growing Cool-Season Annuals for Earlier Color and Hardier Plants

| Plant, Podcast

For earlier pops of color, a buffet for pollinators, and overall hardier plants, gardeners should be growing cool-season annuals — flowers that are started in fall or very early spring and bloom weeks or months earlier than heat-loving plants. To offer a primer on successfully planting and growing these flowers, my guest this week is […]

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231-Vegetables Love Flowers (and Why You Should Grow More)

| Grow, Podcast

Adding a cutting garden to your landscape will mean fresh-cut flowers for you to enjoy and also an abundance of pollinators and other beneficial insects in your vegetable garden. To explain why vegetables love flowers and how to start a cutting garden, my guest this week is flower farmer and author Lisa Mason Ziegler. With […]

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