How to Create a Nursery Bed in Your Garden

| Prepare, Video

I start far more seeds indoors than I can hope to fit in my garden, but that’s on purpose. I like to have some backups to replace plants that fail to thrive or have reached the end of their lifespan. But those seedlings can’t stay in 50-cell trays indefinitely — the roots will have nowhere […]

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Seed Germination – Easy Tricks for More Success

| Plant, Video

Starting seeds indoors is a fun activity that helps you make the most of a short gardening season, but some seeds are harder to germinate than others. In this video, I share tips and tricks for seed germination success.      Outdoors, Mother Nature does a great job of breaking through the seed coat […]

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How to Prepare Plants & Containers for Winter

| Care, Video

As winter approaches, it’s time to start bringing in those less-hardy plants until it warms up again next spring. But what about those bulky containers that are too big and heavy to move in and out every year? In this video, I share how to prepare plants and containers to protect them throughout winter.   […]

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