339-Microbe Science for Gardeners, with Robert Pavlis

| Podcast, Prepare

If you have been practicing organic gardening for a while, you probably observe the mantra “feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants,” though to get even more precise, my returning guest this week, chemist and gardening author Robert Pavlis, explains that what gardeners are actually doing is feeding the microbes in soil, […]

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311-Gardening Science: How Your Garden Really Grows

| Grow, Podcast

Among gardeners, there is a lot of advice out there that sounds clever and wise, but when you begin to look into it, you learn there is no concrete evidence to back it up. My guest this week, Dr. Stuart Farrimond, has authored a book on gardening science to explain what the research says about […]

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270-Plant Science for Gardeners, with Robert Pavlis, Part I

| Podcast, Prepare

I’m always encouraging gardeners to learn the “why do” behind the “how to,” because I believe gaining that understanding makes us better at what we do, and to help me do that this week, I’m welcoming back to the podcast Robert Pavlis, a garden myth buster who can break down the plant science behind good […]

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