How to Provide Water for Backyard Birds in Winter

| Care, Video

Providing a supply of fresh water is one of the best ways to attract birds to your garden and landscape, but this becomes a challenge in winter when water sources freeze over. If you want birds to come, you’ll need to make your bird bath or pond available to them every single day of the […]

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134-Bird Population Decline and What Gardeners Can Do to Help

| Care, Podcast

Many gardeners have an appreciation for backyard songbirds. It’s a natural fit. As gardeners, we do a lot to invite them into our landscapes with food and shelter. All the more reason it’s concerning to know that many bird species are rapidly falling in their numbers, some at alarming rates. It’s time we all learn […]

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020-Gardening for the Birds with Margaret Roach

| Care, Podcast

Acclaimed gardener and passionate bird enthusiast Margaret Roach will often say that the birds taught her how to garden. Accordingly, she found herself gardening for the birds. Over time, Margaret created a 365 day-a-year bird-friendly garden that also provided year-round beauty. Today, countless birds and over 1000 people a year visit her stunning 2-acre wildlife […]

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