295-Looking Back on 2022’s Garden Lessons

| Podcast, Prepare

When a new year begins, I like to reflect on the year that was in my garden: the wins, the challenges, the memorable moments, the teachable moments and the lessons learned. Since we’re all in this together and learning from each other, this week I am sharing top takeaways from 2022 in hopes you can […]

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Winter: The Best Time to Work on Your Garden

| Prepare

Though there are a number of methods gardeners can use to extend the growing season, there is a period of dormancy for most gardens in the winter months between December and February. During these coldest months, I take this opportunity to work on my garden rather than in my garden. The careful planning and work […]

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210-Non-Negotiables for Summer Success in the Garden

| Podcast, Prepare

With all of the responsibilities we have in our daily lives, the time that we can dedicate to tending to and enjoying our garden is often all too short. On this week’s podcast, I share my tips for making precious gardening time more productive and more pleasurable — and for ensuring summer success. I can […]

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