261-All About Native Bees, with Heather Holm

| Care, Podcast

When it comes to bees, everyone’s familiar with the iconic honeybee, but what many don’t realize is that honeybees are not native to North America. The 4,000 or so native bee species in the United States behave much differently than honeybee colonies and are generally not well understood. To educate us on the diversity of […]

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239-Pollinators of Native Plants: How to Attract, Observe and Identify These Essential Insects 

| Care, Podcast

While many people understand that native plants are important, there’s often a large gap in understanding which pollinators rely on them. So understanding how to attract, observe, and identify these essential insects is vital to our role in helping them survive and promote biological diversity within the species. To discuss the importance of bees, wasps, […]

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023-Attracting and Protecting Pollinators with Eric Mader

| Grow, Podcast

Does your garden or landscape attract pollinators? Attracting – and protecting – pollinators is something many of us have become more concerned about in recent years and for good reason. The combination of wide-scale pesticide use and habitat loss are two of the biggest culprits to the problem. While it’s unfortunate that we are facing […]

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