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Just this year, I introduced my first online course - Beginning Gardener Fundamentals. Learn all the fundamentals to create a thriving edible garden. It's meant for beginners, but even seasoned garden experts have told me they loved and learned a lot from this course. Check out the course page for more details and to be notified when enrollment is open.

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Here's more on me (and my TV shows, books and background) and why you can trust that I know my stuff when it comes to gardening.

Joe Lamp'l

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Each how-to video is short and to the point as I demonstrate techniques and DIY projects - and show you how to create a healthy, sustainable garden and landscape.


Joe Lamp'l

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Odds are good that I have covered any garden topic you need on one or both of my websites. Just enter any keyword into the Search bar of both sites to find it.

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Here are three free downloadable ebooks packed with info on composting, garden tools, and top tips to create your best garden ever this season.


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Featured Video

Tomato season is coming! I've tried a lot of different tomato support options, but nothing really held up to my massive heirloom tomatoes. So, I started to build my own. Check out my Ultimate Tomato Cages! They are easy and inexpensive (especially since they will last season after season).


prepping soil for spring

Joe Lamp'l from PBS Growing a Greener World

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