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Hello from Holly.

When I really need some work done around the garden, I offer to keep my nephews for the weekend.

This strikes me as a genius plan, full of brilliance and benevolence, if not efficiency.


boys pulling weeds


Child labor laws? I scoff in the face of child labor laws. My extra helpers, T-Rex and Big C, brought the muscle, packed a punch. I’m going to get them some muscle t’s that say “SWOLE.” They showed the weeds who was boss.

(What? I fed them. Cold mush and water. Or maybe they ran almost entirely on Fruit Roll-Ups and Gatorade. Don’t tell their mother.)

This weekend was tear-out weekend and time for the last little bit of fall planting. A couple of newbies are in and seeded–never done collards or chard before, and feel like someone is about to tell me I have to quit saying y’all if I don’t make it happen soon.

Of little or no importance is whether or not we actually like to eat collards or chard, the answer to which I do not exactly know yet as I’ve never prepared either. EEK. Now they’re really coming for my Deep South card. But I have friends who like both, and I’m not afraid of dealing. I’m basically the Gus Fring of collards.

Back to the weekend… out with the old…


boy pulling away weed pile


clean up for the new…


child raking


Little hands and little seeds and I’m most definitely very likely going to have to do a little redistribution of seedlings once they pop up if you know what I mean because little hands tend to put things all in one very same spot. Ahem.

“Mom, the seeds are up! And look how evenly spaced we planted them! They look like little soldiers lined up in rows!”

“Wow, honey, GREAT job! Did you write your letter to Santa yet?” *wink

Okay, okay, so it wasn’t all hard labor for the guests. They also helped me assemble a bouquet for someone special.


bouquet of flowers


But not for their mom. She’s just my sister. I needed a gift for a friend. High five, sis, you know I love you. You guys want to go out of town again 6-8 weeks before the last frost date?

p.s. I called up to my local Starbucks to see if they would set aside some used coffee grounds as I’ve seen recommended in the most excellent joegardener Facebook group, and they were so great about it! They were all, “How’s now?” And I was all, “Now’s good! Be right there. Tall caramel apple spice on the side, please.” They handed me a gigunga-bag, and I will be doing that again soon and very soon. Must get more orphans nephews to help spread them.

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Holly Mackle is a wife, mama of two flower-sneaking bitties, and garden blogger at Digging Suburbia. She could never be a Disney princess as she picks constant fights with small woodland creatures. Holly is the author of Little Hearts, Prepare Him Room and the editor of In her free time, she enjoys both pop culture and theological podcasts, baking through Pioneer Woman’s recipes, and using every gardening metaphor possible to explain life to her girls. She does not enjoy chasing rabbits away from her green beans.

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