160-Gardening Pet Peeves – My Top 10 from Joe Lamp’l

| Care, Podcast

Fair warning: This week, you’re in for a bit of a rant. I’m sharing with you my top 10 gardening pet peeves. No, I don’t mean those things like finding some pest has taken a bite out of an almost perfectly ripe fruit (although, that drives us all crazy too). I mean the human behavior […]

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How to Use Fall Leaves in the Garden – and Why You Should

| Compost

Fall is a favorite time of year for many. It certainly is for me. The softer light and cooler temperatures, football games, the approach of Thanksgiving – these are just a few of the reasons fall is what I consider the best season. Yet, it’s the falling leaves that I’m most thankful for right about […]

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025-Five of the Biggest Mistakes in Tree Care

| Care, Podcast

While we love our trees, we often (and unknowingly) do things that can lead to their early demise. This podcast and post discuss five big tree care mistakes (and some of the other most common) that are usually at the root of the problem. Jamie Blackburn, ISA Certified Arborist, was our guest expert for today’s […]

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024–Japanese Maples: A Passion and Profession with Matt & Tim Nichols

| Grow, Podcast

Who knew a childhood introduction to Japanese maples would turn into a thriving business for two young brothers? Matt and Tim Nichols of Hendersonville, NC never doubted that someday they would turn that passion into a thriving Japanese maple nursery business.     Fueled by their grandmother’s Japanese maple-filled yard, and their dad’s weekend ritual […]

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