278-The Seed Detective: Preserving Diversity & Uncovering the History of Remarkable Vegetables, with Adam Alexander

| Care, Podcast

Heirloom seeds are treasure troves of genetic diversity and hold stories that span generations and help us understand food cultures around the world. My guest this week, Adam Alexander, aka The Seed Detective, does the important work of identifying and saving rare and remarkable vegetable seeds and uncovering their stories. Adam is a producer of […]

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182-Organic Urban Seed Farming, with San Diego Seed Company

| Plant, Podcast

When you plant vegetable and flower seeds in your garden, do you ever think about where exactly those seeds came from? Could you even imagine certified-organic seeds being collected from a one-acre farm in the middle of the second-largest city in California? That’s exactly where my guest this week, seed grower and farmer Brijette Peña, […]

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How to Save Tomato Seeds

| Grow, Video

Saving seeds from tomatoes is simpler than you think. Once you learn how to save tomato seeds, you can continue growing your favorite heirloom varieties for seasons to come. If you love eating and growing a certain variety of tomato and you wish to grow the same tomato next gardening season, check whether your tomato […]

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151-Seed Savers Exchange: Behind the Scenes

| Podcast, Resources

Last week, I spoke with Dianne Ott Whealy, the co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange, to discuss the history of that important organization. SSE is approaching its fiftieth year of operations, so there was much more to the story to be explored. For that, we continued the conversation with this week’s guest – SSE Director of […]

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125-Saving Seeds: The Basics, the Benefits and Beyond

| Grow, Podcast

Do you save seeds? These days, more and more gardeners are interested in keeping seeds from the plants in their garden, but it’s a process that can be intimidating. For this week’s episode, I invited Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and master seed saver, Bill McDorman, to share his expertise for anyone […]

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