354-How Pesticide Regulations Fail Pollinators, with the Xerces Society

| Care, Podcast

Pesticide regulations are designed to reduce the harm that pesticide use has on humans and wildlife, but they are not intended to eliminate all risks and ecological damage. To explain how gaps in pesticide regulations fail pollinators and other beneficial insects, pollinator conservation specialist Emily May of the Xerces Society joins me on the podcast […]

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281-The Chemical Age: How Tools of War Became Agricultural Chemicals

| Podcast, Prepare

Some of the most important and ecologically damaging chemicals used in agriculture historically — and still today, in some cases — have their origins in warfare. To share the fascinating history of how these chemicals became prevalent and how the environmental movement fought back, my guest this week is Frank von Hippel, a professor of […]

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017-The Five Biggest Mistakes Gardeners Make

| Care, Podcast

Over my many years of traveling the country touring gardens both great and small, I’ve managed to summarize what I believe are the five biggest garden mistakes made by gardeners in their home landscapes and gardens. They also happen to be some of the most common. In speaking with horticulturists and gardeners at every level, […]

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