317- Native Gardeners vs. the HOA, Part II

| Podcast, Prepare

Native gardening is quickly moving from niche to the mainstream, and unfortunately but perhaps expectedly, homeowners associations are the last to catch on. My guest this week, Melinda Soltys, shares what she experienced tussling with her neighborhood’s HOA over her pollinator garden. Melinda and her family live in Northern Virginia, where she is active in […]

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314-Native Gardeners vs. the HOA: An Important Victory for Wildlife

| Care, Podcast

Living under the strictures of a homeowners association can be incredibly stifling for gardeners who want to work outside of the turf lawn and irrigation dynamic, but sometimes gardeners successfully stand up to their HOAs — and lawmakers in some states are making it easier to do so. Native gardener Janet Crouch joins me on […]

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206-Our Most Essential Trees: The Nature of Oaks, with Doug Tallamy

| Grow, Podcast

It’s always a pleasure speaking with Dr. Doug Tallamy, a renowned entomologist and advocate for native gardening. Based on the feedback his past appearances on the podcast have received, I know listeners will be just as excited as I am that he is back this week discussing North America’s most important native tree: the oak. […]

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