269-The Ultimate Guide to Flower Growing, With Jenny Rose Carey

| Plant, Podcast

The hardest part of growing a gorgeous flower garden that provides interest in all seasons is getting started. Until you’ve done it, you don’t know where to begin. Lucky for us, my guest this week, gardener, writer and educator Jenny Rose Carey, has a new book, The Ultimate Guide to Flower Growing, that walks readers […]

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248-Dahlia Growing & Breeding, with Kristine Albrecht

| Plant, Podcast

Dahlias are tuberous tender perennials that are not only some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, they’re also a blast to grow once you get the hang of it. My guest this week, Kristine Albrecht, is a dahlia expert who is here to share dahlia basics as well as the advanced techniques for […]

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183-Your Gardening Successes in 2020

| Grow, Podcast

As we approach Thanksgiving, a time for taking stock of all the things we are grateful for, it feels like a good time to reflect on our gardening successes this year. I’ll admit I’m guilty of talking about how challenging this summer was in the garden for many of us while failing to highlight the […]

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