307-Breeding Dahlias for Home Gardeners-Encore Presentation

| Grow, Podcast

Breeding dahlias can result in surprising, desirable and unique dahlia varieties, and it’s an activity any home gardener can do. To explain the basics of raising dahlias and her advanced techniques for hybridizing dahlias, joining me on the podcast is Kristine Albrecht, a dahlia expert and the founder of Santa Cruz Dahlias. Kristine is the […]

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248-Dahlia Growing & Breeding, with Kristine Albrecht

| Plant, Podcast

Dahlias are tuberous tender perennials that are not only some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, they’re also a blast to grow once you get the hang of it. My guest this week, Kristine Albrecht, is a dahlia expert who is here to share dahlia basics as well as the advanced techniques for […]

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