180-Growing and Using Ornamental Grasses in the Landscape, with Brie Arthur

| Plant, Podcast

Ornamental grasses are eye-catching, low-maintenance additions to home landscapes that offer color, texture and seasonal interest, but they continue to be underutilized. To share the many benefits of growing and using ornamental grasses, my guest this week is horticulturist, lifelong gardener and author Brie Arthur.   Brie has written two books on gardening, “The Foodscape […]

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A Guide to Using Cover Crops in the Home Garden

| Care

When vegetables are not actively growing in your garden, planting a cover crop can be an excellent, and potentially better option to both protect and improve your soil. It’s beneficial to plant a cover crop any time a bed is allowed to go dormant. This could be in anticipation of winter or between plantings of […]

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153-The Science Behind Great Soil

| Care, Podcast

I don’t know if you know this about me, but soil is my favorite topic. I love all things gardening, and I’ve even hurled myself into a large heap of finished compost. Still, soil is king in my book, and the more we learn about the science behind great soil, soil health, and all of […]

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