139-Houseplant Myths: The Facts Behind Caring for Indoor Plants

| Care, Podcast

I’m betting that you have a little green in your home right now. No, I’m not talking about seedlings. I’m talking about houseplants. Nearly all of us have at least a few these days. Houseplants have been a hugely popular trend the past few years, with some plant-a-holics spending big money on a single showstopper. […]

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113-Designing Abundant Container Gardens: Pro Tips for Healthy Plants & Beautiful Combinations

| Podcast, Prepare

Whether you’ve got an extensive garden area or just a postage-stamp-sized balcony, you can garden in containers just about anywhere. There are some similarities in techniques for gardening in the landscape versus containers, however there are many key differences for success too. This week’s guest is Karen Chapman, and she’s a sought-after expert in the […]

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Top Ten Tips to Repurpose Plastic Pots

| Plant

More often than not, those new plants we pick up at nurseries or home improvement centers are in a plastic pot. As responsible gardeners, we all hate to simply throw those pots away and add them to the landfill. Most of those pots are made of recyclable plastic, but if you’ve watched a related episode […]

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