Important Steps to Plant & Grow Blueberries Successfully

| Plant, Video

Once established, blueberries are easy to grow and require little care, but there are things you need to know at planting time for long-term success. In this video, I share tips for ensuring your blueberry plants will thrive.      Blueberries are one of my favorite plants to grow. In addition to producing amazing […]

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069-The Fascinating Facts Behind the Plants We Eat, with Jeff Gillman

| Grow, Podcast

Today’s episode dives into some of the interesting facts of the foods we all eat. My guest, Dr. Jeff Gillman, is Director of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, and he recently began his own podcast show “The Plants We Eat” which features the unique aspects and history of common garden edibles. We rarely consider, or […]

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051-How to Grow Bountiful Blueberries – Key Steps with Lee Reich

| Grow, Podcast

Just about everyone loves blueberries, but this week’s guest – Dr. Lee Reich – might just be blueberry-obsessed. Lee knows how to grow bountiful blueberries and has been perfecting best practice techniques for over 30 years on his small farm in New York state. Beyond bearing delicious fruit, blueberries are also an attractive addition to […]

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