Seed Basics & Beyond: 9 Things to Know Before You Start Plants From Seed

Starting plants from seed is one of the most rewarding parts of gardening.

But understanding what seeds need to perform their best is key.

Join me, Joe Lamp’l (the "joe" behind joegardener®) in a free webinar as I share 9 things to know about seeds to up your game.

Seed Basics and Beyond will cover everything you should know about seeds before you ever put one in the ground.

Over the course of my presentation - and the live Q-and-A session that follows - you’ll get 60 minutes of know-how and inspiration that will help unravel the magic inside that packet of seeds.

Give your vegetable or flower garden a sensational head start… long before everyone catches the inevitable case of spring fever!

Joe holding pots of seeds

Spend one hour with me and you’ll learn:

  • Fascinating information about the biology of seeds and the seed germination process.
  • What all seeds need to sprout.
  • Why some seeds don’t germinate, (even when they have what they need), and what you can do to help.
  • What special tips and techniques you can use to increase germination rates on more challenging seed species.
  • The two most important dates for starting seeds, indoors and out.
  • Which seeds should be sown outside directly vs. started indoors.
  • How to know when it's too early or too late to start your seeds and how to get the timing right every time.
  • The important differences between organic and non-organic seeds and why organic can result in a garden that's more productive and easier to manage.
  • What to know about GMO vs Certified Non-GMO seeds.
  • Learn more about my comprehensive online course Master Seed Starting