084-What Happened to the G in HGTV? – Encore Presentation

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This is an encore episode of 057-What Happened to the G in HGTV? It’s another chance to dive into a question I hear often: “Why aren’t there more gardening shows on TV anymore?” As the host of shows on DIY, HGTV and PBS for the past 17 years – and as executive producer for the past 10 years – I have a unique perspective of this industry and the challenges of creating, funding, filming, getting, and keeping a gardening show on the air. This episode takes you behind the scenes to the business side of what makes a show television-worthy.

I’m also sharing my views on where the industry is heading and will give you a peek into the future of joe gardener and my show, Growing a Greener World®. We’re busier than ever creating more garden content – on air for television and online with how-to videos, podcasts, blog posts, and a growing social community.


Filming an episode of Growing a Greener World at Greensgrow Farms

Months of planning, writing, research, and interviews take place – along with some serious travel time – before the cameras ever start to roll.


In fact, we’re preparing to launch an exciting and brand new project – check back here for that announcement coming up in the next few weeks, or sign up for free updates with the “Get Free Updates” link at the very top of this page.

We’re also just about to begin production of our milestone 10th season of Growing a Greener World. You can join the GGW Subscriber Group in Links & Resources below to receive updates on new shows and the premiere schedule.

The staff of Growing a Greener World and joe gardener wish you happy holidays and look forward to bringing you more great gardening programming and content in 2019. We’re busier than ever, and the future is very bright.

So – what would help you most in your garden? Share your questions and suggestions in the Comments section below. We would love to hear from you!


Filming a gardening TV show

Getting the shot can require tremendous resources – like capturing sweeping views of the landscape from an airplane or drone.


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Episode 057: What Happened to the G in HGTV? – Featuring original show notes

GGW Episode 808: The Green Bronx Machine – 2018 Emmy Award Winner!

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About Joe Lamp'l

Joe Lamp’l is the creator and “joe” behind joe gardener®. His lifetime passion and devotion to all things horticulture has led him to a long-time career as one of the country’s most recognized and trusted personalities in organic gardening and sustainability. That is most evident in his role as host and creator of Emmy Award-winning Growing a Greener World®, a national green-living lifestyle series on PBS currently broadcasting in its tenth season. When he’s not working in his large, raised bed vegetable garden, he’s likely planting or digging something up, or spending time with his family on their organic farm just north of Atlanta, GA.

0 Responses to “084-What Happened to the G in HGTV? – Encore Presentation”

  • Mary Halis says:

    The question was asked if I’d be willing to pay for this content. The answer is no. I don’t pay for cable, Netflix, Pandora, NPR, Public Television, or any other audio, video, or streaming service. Since the only things someone needs to air a podcast these days are a device that records audio and a web space that allows audio uploads, there are plenty of sources for any topic without spending money. Past that, there’s the public library for information, no need to spend money.

  • Joe Lamp'l says:

    Thanks Mary for responding to my question. And to clarify for you and anyone else reading this, my question was not related directly to “this” content, as in the podcast, but specifically, would those listening, be willing to pay for high-quality gardening content in any amount if accessing it behind some sort of pay wall or subscription service was the only way you could get it.Since such content is hard to come by these days, especially on television ( with the notable exception of Growing a Greener World on PBS of course), would it be worth it to you to pay any amount of money to access TV quality program content online? We’re curious. Thanks.

  • Ali says:

    I would be willing to pay! The reality is: this stuff takes a ton of time to put together (be it podcast OR some other video subscription service). I would say that it’s inportant to keep the cost low otherwise all those people who expect things to be cheap (let alone, good), will be deterred. And while I haven’t seen your tv programs (I’m one of the “young folks” that don’t have a tv) your podcast on gardening is the best around! I’d request everything be available via phone if possible.Also-a question I’d love you to address because there is a TON of conflicting info (even in professional garden books and seed catalogs): tomatoes, tomatillos, and ground cherries. Self-fertile(?), need a SECOND plant to produce fruit(?) (tomatillos) and do ground cherries follow tomatillo rules????. Literally almost NOWHERE bothers to mention you need two tomatillos to get fruit. Guess who planted only one last year…yep! Anyways, if you do another q&a, I’d love you to delve into that.Thanks again for all your hard work!Ali (a millennial who loves garden shows 😉

  • Joe Lamp'l says:

    Hi Ali! Thanks for the feedback, and for recognizing the value and effort to produce high quality content.By the way, starting with our current season 9 of Growing a Greener World, all episodes are now available on our youtube channel, So be sure to check out the shows online. We’ll be adding all the episodes from our previous 8 seasons shortly.As to your question, I checked with who I consider my go-to source when you want to know the right answer to such questions. I had my thoughts and Craig LeHoullier (Epic Tomatoes author, and Ph.D), and here’s what he said:”There is no pollination between tomatoes, tomatillos and ground cherries. And, technically, each are self fertile. We know that for sure with tomatoes in practice – but all three are perfect flowered (male and female on each flower, pollinate when opening if conditions are right). Certainly I’ve seen it in practice with ground cherries – single plants in a container in my driveway bear heavily and well. With what I’ve read about tomatillos – and there is a lot of mixed info – what seems most reliable, and what I’ve seen, is that the plants are incompatible for self pollination, so insects seem important, as well as having more than one plant. They don’t seem to need to be different varieties, but there needs to be more than a single plant for any sort of decent yield. From my experience, they also seem to bear at different parts of the season – this could be due to temperature and humidity and the plants’ preference, or it could be insect population to do the deed.”So there you have it Ali. Hope that helps and thanks again for your feedback.

  • John Sullivan says:

    How about P Allen Smith. His shows are some what about gardening? He has a great garden to visit. I have been there 3 times.

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