084-What Happened to the G in HGTV? – Encore Presentation

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This is an encore episode of 057-What Happened to the G in HGTV? It’s another chance to dive into a question I hear often: “Why aren’t there more gardening shows on TV anymore?” As the host of shows on DIY, HGTV and PBS for the past 17 years – and as executive producer for the past 10 years – I have a unique perspective of this industry and the challenges of creating, funding, filming, getting, and keeping a gardening show on the air. This episode takes you behind the scenes to the business side of what makes a show television-worthy.

I’m also sharing my views on where the industry is heading and will give you a peek into the future of joe gardener and my show, Growing a Greener World®. We’re busier than ever creating more garden content – on air for television and online with how-to videos, podcasts, blog posts, and a growing social community.


Filming an episode of Growing a Greener World at Greensgrow Farms

Months of planning, writing, research, and interviews take place – along with some serious travel time – before the cameras ever start to roll.


In fact, we’re preparing to launch an exciting and brand new project – check back here for that announcement coming up in the next few weeks, or sign up for free updates with the “Get Free Updates” link at the very top of this page.

We’re also just about to begin production of our milestone 10th season of Growing a Greener World. You can join the GGW Subscriber Group in Links & Resources below to receive updates on new shows and the premiere schedule.

The staff of Growing a Greener World and joe gardener wish you happy holidays and look forward to bringing you more great gardening programming and content in 2019. We’re busier than ever, and the future is very bright.

So – what would help you most in your garden? Share your questions and suggestions in the Comments section below. We would love to hear from you!


Filming a gardening TV show

Getting the shot can require tremendous resources – like capturing sweeping views of the landscape from an airplane or drone.


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Episode 057: What Happened to the G in HGTV? – Featuring original show notes

GGW Episode 808: The Green Bronx Machine – 2018 Emmy Award Winner!

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