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Tomatoes. They just might be the hands-down most popular plant for home gardeners, but they sure aren’t easy. Last year, my friend and tomato-growing expert, Craig LeHoullier, joined me for a podcast about his recommended steps for healthy tomatoes. He called it his tomato-care checklist, and it is so packed with good information, that I felt it was worth revisiting this season. So in case you missed it last year – or maybe you’ve forgotten some of these words of tomato wisdom – this episode is an encore presentation of my tomato-care checklist conversation with Craig.

This year, I have to admit it – I’m growing more tomatoes than ever before. I’ve got 28 plants starting to set fruit in some of my 16 raised beds at the GardenFarm. Plus, I’m trying something new this season. I’m growing 15 more tomato plants in containers around the perimeter of the garden space. Why? Because I have a tomato problem.

Actually, it’s also because I’m making a more concerted effort to incorporate crop rotation at the GardenFarm. By using containers, I’ve freed up raised bed space for crops from a different plant family, and in the coming years, I’ll rotate the placement of plant families between beds in the garden as a proactive step against soil-borne pests and diseases.


tomato care

Nearly every gardener loves to grow tomatoes. They can oftentimes be tricky, but when you follow basic care steps, you’ll enjoy much greater success.


Speaking of pest, disease and weed issues in the garden, they can just suck the joy right out of the gardening experience, right? There are more than a few ways to deal with these challenges, but unfortunately, too many of those utilize products that are not environmentally-friendly.

So I’m hoping to guide as many gardeners and weekend warriors to manage these inevitable challenges by using organic and natural methods whenever possible. There’s a lot of confusion and frustration out there, Well, I’m teaching how to avoid all of that in my new online course, Master Pests, Diseases, and Weeds. I’ll show you what matters and how to implement these steps in your garden.

When I put this course together, it was my mission to teach you, not just how to prevent many of these issues, but also how to identify and manage what does come – to give you solid, practical and environmentally-responsible options.

Overall, the course is 3 about hours, and you can watch at your own pace – anytime and anywhere. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to prevent, identify and manage whatever you are dealing with. This course is designed for gardeners of all levels. It takes you through and beyond the basics to some deeper principles and important controls that many experienced gardeners aren’t even aware of.

So, I hope you’ll join me. The cost is just $47 – there is never a renewal fee, but you get to keep all the course materials and bonuses forever. Plus – there’s a course website forum where you can ask me your specific follow-up questions as the season progresses.

I hope you enjoy this encore presentation of Epic Tomatoes author, Craig LeHoullier’s tomato care check-list. Whether you’re growing one tomato plant or dozens, like me, here’s to a bountiful crop!

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