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A new year begins, and a new gardening season is on the way. Will you be spending any time this month organizing your closet, your finances or any other aspects of daily life? How would you like to feel a little more organized in the garden too? It can make a big difference in your success, and your enjoyment of it all.

This week is an encore presentation of a listener favorite and the perfect way to prepare for a new season – even though the weather outside where you live is probably still pretty frightful. In this episode, I share some of my favorite tips for keeping a handle on all the planning, progress, pitfalls, and production in your garden.



Staying organized in the garden is cathartic, but it also helps me find more enjoyment in the moment too. By saving a quick note about the success of my beet crop, I know I’ll be able to refer back to that information season after season to better replicate my success with variety, location and conditions.


When I was preparing for the original broadcast, I asked the members of the joe gardener community to share how they stay organized as gardeners. The responses were diverse and abundant, and this episode covers several of those great ideas as well. Thanks to all of you who were willing to send ideas and photos!

If you’re not already an active member of this community, I invite you to join us through any (or all!) of our communication channels (links are in the Resources section below). I would love for you to be a part of our next information sharing!

If you’re like me, you already can’t wait to get out into the garden again. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping very busy during the past several weeks with an exciting project. Watch for my announcement of this new adventure coming very soon (or sign up to be notified by entering your first name and email address in the “Get Free Updates” link at the top of this page).

I’m always looking for ways to better help you in your garden, and I hope what I’ve been preparing for you will prove to be another useful tool to make this gardening season a huge success.


Organized garden

So many varieties to choose from – and to keep track of as you test their performance in your garden. Staying organized can help you remember which crops produced (and tasted) best for you.


I would also love to hear what has been the best gardening lesson you’ve learned this past year. Other gardeners may be helped by reading what has helped you most, so please share your thoughts in Comments below.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me during 2018! I have been grateful for your feedback, questions, ideas, words of support, and ongoing dialogue as we all continue to learn from each other. Here’s to a bountiful 2019!

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