061-A Day In The Life At The GardenFarm: Audio Journal Encore Edition

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We all know how hectic summer can get, and for me, this summer is certainly no exception. Filming for Season Nine of Growing a Greener World®, keeping up with the many happenings and garden growth at the GardenFarm™, planning upcoming projects for joe gardener – whew! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m long on To Do’s and short on time.

Since this will be another busy week on the road, this week’s podcast is an encore presentation of the most popular episode of the past year:
GardenFarm Audio Journal – First Day of Fall 2017

Will you join me as I take you along, again, for a day at the GardenFarm? Listen in as I take care of garden tasks like fertilizing, tending to the compost bin, and discovering deer damage on favorite shrubs. You’ll also enjoy with me the sounds of early morning, my chickens as they begin their day, and the nighttime peace as I enjoy a much-earned glass of wine.

Joe Lamp'l behind the scenes

The crew and I have been crisscrossing the U.S. during the past couple of months to film for Season Nine of Growing a Greener World. Here’s behind-the-scenes from Whidbey Island, WA.


Wow – is it just me, or does 2017 seem like a long, long time ago? It’s been a busy year, here, at joe gardener.

I’ve been broadcasting my weekly podcast, shared a number of blog articles, developed two new resource guides (with a third on the way!), filmed a number of How-To videos, and began planning some exciting new projects coming up later this year and into 2019 and 2020. If you like what you’ve seen and heard from me so far, I feel confident that you are going to love what more I have in store for you soon.

Thanks for being a part of the joe gardener community. I don’t ever take that for granted and make a promise to you that I won’t stop working hard every day to bring you the resources you need to help you Grow Like a Pro™!


Joe Lamp'l

I’ve also been broadcasting on Facebook Live nearly every Saturday morning this spring/summer. I broadcast from the GardenFarm into my joe gardener Facebook Group page, answering garden-related questions from the group and giving a tour of garden progress.


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About Joe Lamp'l

Joe Lamp’l is the creator and “joe” behind joe gardener®. His lifetime passion and devotion to all things horticulture has led him to a long-time career as one of the country’s most recognized and trusted personalities in organic gardening and sustainability. That is most evident in his role as host and creator of Emmy Award-winning Growing a Greener World®, a national green-living lifestyle series on PBS currently broadcasting in its tenth season. When he’s not working in his large, raised bed vegetable garden, he’s likely planting or digging something up, or spending time with his family on their organic farm just north of Atlanta, GA.

0 Responses to “061-A Day In The Life At The GardenFarm: Audio Journal Encore Edition”

  • Forrest Jones says:

    Hi Joe, I listened again and I thoroughly enjoyed it again. It reminds me that I need to ease into my Saturday mornings a little slower and enjoy the song birds and otherwise quiet time. And it makes me want to maybe quit a little before dark and look at what was accomplished. I wouldn’t mind hearing one for each season. I am wondering if you ever started that deer fence. I need a deer fence and a blueberry temple. You have me thinking about using that cattle fence for both coupled with netting inside the wire for the temple.
    My daughter is having a fantastic season of growing tomatoes and peppers in pots on her deck, sidewalk and in a raised bed with thanks to you and Craig for the seed starting series. They are maybe the healthiest looking plants I have ever seen. We are looking forward to the new season of Growing A Greener World as well as your new podcasts.
    Thanks Again!

  • Joe Lamp'l says:

    Hi Forrest and thank you! I still do not have that deer fence up. It always seems to be something that keeps me from taking on this most important project!
    I’m so glad to hear about the very healthy tomato plants your daughter is growing this season. Happy to be able to share a few words of wisdom any time.
    Always nice to hear from you. You are most generous in your words. I so appreciate that!

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