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Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a garden look good not only throughout the year but from one year to the next. In fact, I’ve distilled it down to five steps to your best garden ever. And why what you do now matters most for getting there.

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It all comes down to following these guiding principles to creating and keeping the garden you always imagined:

1. Right Plant, Right Place

Plants are genetically predisposition to grow (and thrive) in certain environmental conditions. Knowing what those are putting them there, will eliminate 90% of potential future problems. Putting them elsewhere will increase your potential problems by up to the same amount.

2. Feed the Soil (and let the soil feed the plants)

The only true way to a thriving, sustainable garden is to get your plants off a junk food diet of synthetic chemicals. Instead, feed them the equivalent of a whole foods diet, to build the health of the environment where the plants live. Focus on building soil health, and your plants will naturally be healthy too. Are you feeding the soil, or feeding your plants?

3. Add Mulch

There’s no single thing that does more for your overall garden and landscape than adding mulch. From weed suppression, fewer diseases improved soil structure, and overall beauty, mulch does so much. But there’s more to mulch than meets the eye.

4. Space Plants Properly

We all want instant gratification in our landscapes. Who has the time to wait for plants to fill in on their own? When we pack them in, we reduce much-needed sunlight and air circulation getting into the plants. And that can create many long-term problems. There’s a better way.

5. Water Properly

It sounds like a simple task. More plants die of over-watering than under-watering by hand. Moreover, it can take much longer for plants and trees to establish in the landscape under trying environmental conditions—something we are experiencing more of today than ever before. Find out the tricks and tips for knowing how to tell if your plants are getting the right amount of water, and how to automate the process.

soaker hoses

Soaker hoses like this saved my prized Japanese maple and helped it establish after being transplanted.

In this episode, we talked about the following topics with links to go deeper on each subject:

Five Steps to Your Best Garden EverGet the FREE resource guide: Five Steps to your Best Garden Ever-Why What You Do Now Matters Most, or simply text “BESTGARDEN” TO 44222.





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