The 3 Biggest Mistakes when it Comes to Pruning

| Care, Video

In my experience, pruning mistakes are common, but there are three that seem to be the most common. Pruning is easy once you understand key fundamentals. Here’s how you can get it right: 1. Pruning at the wrong time Most people that wonder why their flowering shrub isn’t flowering, the answer is almost always one […]

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Pruning 101:
The Pruning Basics from A to Z

| Care

You remember all those freshman college classes that ended in “101”. For some reason, I always felt less intimidated by the course if the title ended with that number. So welcome to Pruning 101, where we cover how to prune – the pruning basics from A to Z. While pruning can be intimidating for many […]

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001-Pruning 101:
The Pruning Basics From A to Z

| Care, Podcast

I’m starting off our new podcast series with this episode dedicated to pruning 101 – the pruning basics from A to Z because when it comes to pruning, there’s more to know than just taking your shears or loppers to a plant whenever and wherever you want. A lot more if you want to do […]

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